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Hytorc Tools Rental

We have Hytorc tools available for rent for pipeline jobs, construction jobs, heavy machinery repair and maintenance, and general maintenance jobs.

There are several tools available through Hytorc that can be used for different projects and jobs.  Available for rent are custom bolting systems that can speed up fabrication of pipeline valve assemblies, etc., tools that apply proper torque to the fastener, eliminating nut loosening or breakage due to improper torque, or to solve any bolting challenge you come across.


Give us a call and we will get you the tools you need.  Overnight shipping is available.

Bolting Systems


  • Avanti

    • Reaction drive, torque and angle dial, multi-use system, 130,000 ft-lbs max output

  • MXT

    • Lock-up release, ​no-slip ratchet, super alloy option

  • Stealth

    • Hands-free operation, ​dual piston power, slim design

Bolting Software

  • Flange Manager

    • Optimizing bolt joint integrity management by having verified bolt load calculations

  • Flange Calculator

    • Automatically determine bolting patterns, tools and torques

  • Bolting Time Savings 

    • ANSI Flange time calculator and Multi-Bolt calculator


  • Digital jGun

    • Digital readout, built-in torque adjustment, industrial-grade motor

    • No FRL

  • jGun Single Speed

    • Powerful breakout, repeatable torque, ergonomic design

  • jGun Dual Speed

    • 3-in-1 bolting system, intuitive design, wheel gun accessory

Lithium Battery Powered

  • BTM Series

    • Models up to 3000 ft/lbs

    • 36 Volt Lithium Battery

    • Digital Readout

  • L-ion Gun Series

    • Models from 35-700 ft/lbs

    • 18 Volt Lithium Battery

    • Digital Readout


  • HY Series

    • Oil cooler, light-weight, simple controls​

  • HY-Air

    • 3 stage pump, compact design, simple controls, semi-automatic feature

Magnum Machine Works

7480 NW Caldwell Road, Kidder, MO 64649


  • JetPro 115/230

    • Simple two button manual controls, easy portability, quiet operating sound

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