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Rail Trucks and Carts

Railroad Tie Handling Truck

Rail truck

Our railroad tie handling trucks are capable of loading ties without stopping and offer the convenience of needing only one operator.  Our trucks can also be equipped with auto-drive systems and reinforced frames to utilize rail gear as outriggers to prevent stopping as well as extending outriggers. 

In addition, we offer the option of equipping truck with rail carts to transport ties, rail or prefabricated rail panels.

Truck beds may also have removable sides for dual use as storm trucks.

Railroad Tie Cart

(Pictured above)

Our rail carts are designed and built in our facilities and can be customized to fit your needs.

Our rail carts have the option to be built with two or three axles.  They are set up with 1630 insulated stubs.  Our standard rail carts are 16-feet long with 10-foot uprights.

For more information, call or email us.

Railroad Panel Cart

This cart was custom built by Magnum to be able to transport pre-fabricated sections of rail.  

The cart comes with the option of two or four uprights that can be removed as well as folded for easy stowing. 

We build these carts to be light enough to be picked up by log loaders to be removed from or placed on transport vehicles.

Magnum Machine Works

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