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Check out the photos below to preview some of the custom jobs that we have accomplished.  We also have used equipment for sale to meet your needs.

For more information and to view our pipe laying and railroad products, click on the links below.



Hydraulic Cradle Boring Machines

We design and build several models of cradle boring machines with 6" to 54" capabilities.  Click below for equipment specifications.

T8 Panther with flat dump bed 
2014 Mack tie truck with rail cart equipped with auto drive system
We specialize in building and customizing equipment for the pipeline and railroad industries.

    We build railroad tie handling trucks capable of loading ties without stopping and only one operator. Trucks can be equipped with auto-drive systems and reinforced frames to utilize rail gear as outriggers to prevent stopping to extend outriggers. Trucks can also be equipped with rail carts to transport ties, rail or prefabricated rail panels. Truck beds can also have removable sides for use as storm trucks.

Magnum Machine Works

7480 NW Caldwell Road, Kidder, MO 64649


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